Praise for How to Look Happy:

Jen Dawson life lesson #1: When you’ve had a bad day, step away from the iPhone.

“Thoroughly funny and entertaining. Filled with drama, chaos and a few wrong turns, this novel proves that Wiedower’s writing just keeps getting better. 5 stars.” – Arielle Deltoro, Living Life with Joy

“Wiedower does a great job tapping into the absurdities and drawbacks of social media, a love-hate relationship that so many experience.” – Kristin Dow, author of Liberty and Means

“As well as being a thumping good read, (How to Look Happy) combines fun with disaster, friendship, laughter and tears all at the same time. The story was incredibly engaging, to the point where it was actually compulsive reading.” – Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers’ Favorite

“This book started out with a bang! I love when an author can grab your attention easily and make you read without a break until the last page.” – Aimee, Hello…Chick Lit

“I loved it so much I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages … I was blown away by the storyline! Loved every part of it!” – an advance reader

Praise for 30 First Dates:

30 dates, 30 wild ideas, total media frenzy … but only one Mr. Right.

“This book is absolutely captivating.” – Amazon 5-star review

“Stacey Wiedower takes readers on a fun and wild ride with her debut novel. Fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk will enjoy this book.” – Melissa Amster, Chick Lit Central

“This is so flipping fun … The characters are well-developed, it’s funny and I wanted to be the main character.” – Carol Maloney Scott, author of
There Are No Men

“It doesn’t happen often that a book inspires me outside of the pages. I liked this book so much that I decided to make my own bucket list.” – Heather Balog, author of
The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell

Praise for Now a Major Motion Picture:

Lights, camera & more action than she bargains for…

“From the beginning I got caught up in the story and the heartbreak that is Amelia and Noah’s relationship … A super cute beach read!” – Samantha March, Chick Lit Plus

“I absolutely loved this book! Highly recommended! – Christy Goldstein, Chick Lit Club

“I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout most of the book … Looking forward to reading more from this budding author! – Meredith Schorr, author of Blogger Girl

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a laugh-out-loud comedy that also warms your heart.” – Books, Chocolate and Wine

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