30 First Dates Release Day!

30 First DatesI’m so, so excited to launch my debut novel, 30 First Dates: A Romantic Comedy, out into the world today! The book tells the story of Erin Crawford, a single, 28-year-old high school teacher who’s searching for her place in the world. A typical Saturday night with friends leads Erin to create a bucket list that ultimately changes her life … though she doesn’t see it coming.

Here’s a sneak peek at Erin’s story (including the list!) from Chapter 2: Quarter-Life Crisis:

Erin stood, reaching over to grab her journal from her dresser. It lay open to the page where she’d scrawled out her 30 by 30 list almost five months earlier.

“I’d better get cracking at this,” she said out loud. She’d be thirty in less than fifteen months, and so far she’d scratched only one item off the list—No. 18, Bike 20 miles nonstop. And that one, she admitted, wasn’t much of a reach for her.

She sighed and examined the full list. It was pretty ambitious. Should’ve made it when I was sober, she thought, smiling to herself. But then, where was the fun in that?

Erin’s 30 by 30:

  1. See Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  2. Learn to snow ski
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Take salsa lessons
  5. Hold a full conversation in French
  6. Read War and Peace
  7. Watch every Academy Award Best Picture winner
  8. Attend a protest
  9. Crash a wedding
  10. Throw a real cocktail party
  11. Journal every day
  12. See what it’s like to be blond
  13. Attend the opera
  14. Taste wines in Napa
  15. Invest in the stock market
  16. Join a nonprofit board
  17. Shoot a gun
  18. Bike 20 miles nonstop
  19. See U2 from the front row
  20. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  21. Skydive
  22. Call parents more
  23. Find Ben a woman
  24. Ride a motorcycle
  25. Skinnydip
  26. Give vegetarianism a try
  27. Stay out all night clubbing
  28. Pick a doctoral program
  29. Get a tattoo
  30. Start a blog


She chuckled a little at No. 11: Journal every day. She hadn’t picked up her journal since the day she’d written this list. In fact, she hardly ever picked it up. She’d started keeping a journal as a pre-teen, but then as now, she only wrote in it when she was upset. She’d often thought that if some unknown future child or grandchild or great-grandchild ever found it in an attic and read it after her demise, they’d think she was either terribly frivolous or terribly depressed, because all she’d ever chronicled was heartbreak. She shook her head and kept reading, giggling again when she reached No. 23. She’d been making fun of Ben when she’d written that one down, but secretly it was a real goal. He’d had his share of girlfriends, but none who were good enough for him.

She shook her head and skimmed the rest of her list, pausing at No. 30. Start a blog. Great plan. Just one little problem: she had nothing to blog about—except completing the items on her list, and that had been done before.

She lowered the journal onto her lap and sighed. What was I thinking? It’s not like I have a trust fund. She didn’t have the money to do half the things on her list. To complete every item she’d have to travel to both ends of the country and across the Atlantic.

“Not at all daunting, Erin,” she muttered aloud. “No, not at all. Piece of cake.”


Want more of Erin’s story? Get your copy of 30 First Dates (ebook or print) today through Gemma Halliday Publishing! Find the direct link on Amazon.com here.


30 First Dates Release Day! — 8 Comments

  1. This was such a fun read that I could not put it down!! Whether a prequel, sequel, or trilogy, I will be reading!

  2. I’m with @Louise and would love to see a 35 by 35, especially since Erin mentioned it in the book, and maybe it can include her “adventure” within the T.V. realm. I just love (as well as many other readers) sequels, trilogies, etc that give the full scope of characters, really follow them, and “close” (I’m not sure I’m choosing the right word there) their stories at the end. Since 30 First Dates was such a fun read I know any follow up would be just as enjoyable. I look forward to your future work, regardless of whether or not it’s a relatable follow up.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Nicole! I think it would be so much fun to revisit Erin and Ben one of these days…so there just might be a 35 by 35 sequel in Erin’s future. In the meantime, my next book to release is a prequel of sorts. It’s called Now a Major Motion Picture and it’s slated to come out this year. Erin is a secondary character and NAMMP gives a glimpse at her life before the start of 30 First Dates.

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