My Own Oscars Challenge? I’m In.

movie reelOne of the challenges on Erin’s bucket list in 30 FIRST DATES is to watch every Academy Awards Best Picture-winning movie. I watched the Oscars last night and live tweeted it along with 50 jillion other people around the world, and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous Erin completed that goal. 😉 The truth is, I hardly ever watch movies … not because I don’t want to, just because, you know, life is busy.

I haven’t seen a single movie that was in the Best Picture category this year, and that’s a crying shame, because all of them look awesome.

I’m not sure I have time in my life right now for a serious movie challenge (I have two more books to finish in the next six months!), but maybe I can take baby steps? I could start by watching some of this year’s nominees. I bet I can get my husband on board, and honestly, with his help I could probably complete the entire Best Picture challenge within 14 months like Erin did. (He’s one heck of a strategist, plus he loves movies. This is sounding like a plan.)

If you’ve read 30 First Dates, I’d love to know which item on Erin’s bucket list speaks to you the most. Is there something on her list you’ve always wanted to do, secretly or otherwise? If so, please post it in the comments! For me, Erin’s list includes a few things I’ve already done (Eiffel Tower, War and Peace, salsa lessons), a few things I would NEVER do (skydive, skydive, skydive) and a few things I’d love to do, like this movie-watching thing.

I’m all wrapped up in movies right now anyway. Did I mention that my next book is called NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE? I’ll post news about its release as soon as I know it … maybe along with an update on my own movie watching challenge.


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