NowAMajorMotionPicture_final-2-webToday, my first novel goes out into the world.

Wait, what? First novel? Don’t I mean second novel? Well, actually … no. NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE is my second novel to be published, but it’s the first book I ever wrote (not counting Anna and Her Dog, which I wrote and illustrated in third grade … it is epic, believe me). NAMMP is the book that turned me into a fiction writer, and for that reason this book and its characters mean a whole, whole lot to me.

If you’re here on my blog, you should get an inside scoop. So I’ll tell you a little bit about how NAMMP evolved. I wrote this book in 2010 with the working title “Losing Noah,” and after finishing the first draft I changed the title to “Not Quite Life.” The title “Now a Major Motion Picture” came along sometime early last year, and as soon as it hit me I knew it was the one. At the time I was finishing up the first draft of 30 First Dates, and while I worked on that, I entered NAMMP into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. To my utter amazement, the book made it through the first round of the contest and into round two. That was enough to get a little attention from the publishing world. Using that momentum, I started pitching, and I focused on 30 First Dates, which I’d recently finished. Within a few months I’d signed a contract, and a few months later I signed two more.

And that’s how my second book came to be published before my first. As for the book itself, Now a Major Motion Picture is a story about another storyteller. Amelia Wright is the author of an internationally bestselling dystopian series called Shattered, and as the story starts she’s just learned the book is being made into a movie. I came up with the idea while driving to work one day (at the time I was working full-time as an interior designer), and it spawned from watching the craziness surrounding the launches of movies like Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I heard an author being asked in an interview, “Are your characters based on real people?” and I thought, “What if they were?” And that, in a nutshell, is how the idea for Now a Major Motion Picture was born.

NAMMP graphic2One fact readers of 30 First Dates will discover fairly quickly is that the two books are related. Erin Crawford plays a major role in Now a Major Motion Picture, so fans of Erin will get to learn her backstory and find out why she was unhappy and desperate enough to start her blog and make major changes in her life. In that sense, it’s a bit of a prequel, though I see it more as the spoke off of which all my stories have spun. Along with 30 First Dates and NAMMP, I’ve written and published two short stories (Santa’s Little Mistake and 48 Hours in New York) that pull characters from Now a Major Motion Picture (see my Books page). Also, I’m well underway with my third book, HOW TO LOOK HAPPY, and it gets its start from Amelia’s story, too. I can’t wait to share it with you, but in the meantime, Now a Major Motion Picture finally gets to live on my shelf alongside 30 First Dates! I really, really hope you enjoy reading the book, because I enjoyed writing it as much as anything I’ve done in my entire life.

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