What’s on Page 45?

I’m taking part in a super-fun week of blogging with some talented, amazing and wonderful friends and fellow chick lit writers. The point of our blog tour is to celebrate International Chick Lit Month, and we’re doing it in delicious high style (read: winners receive a fabulous prize package of caramels from Whitney’s Goodies). Um, yum!! Read below for instructions on how to enter the ‘What’s on Page 45?’ Contest!!!

In this post, I’m charged with telling you what’s happening on page 45 of one of my books, and I’m choosing NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, my new book that’s slated to release June 11! Let me catch you up to speed:

NowAMajorMotionPicture_final-2-webAmelia Wright is on top of the world, which basically means she has a long way to fall. She’s in the midst of writing a dystopian book series called Shattered that’s at the top of every bestseller list in the U.S. and beyond, but she has a major problem: writer’s block. With books one and two selling like wildfire and readers chomping at the bit for more, she’s stuck on book 3 … and there’s a reason. The books parallel her own life, and the story she’s about to write covers the most agonizing chapter of her personal history.

When we meet up with Amelia on page 45, she’s just made a trip back home — to Girard, Illinois, the small Midwestern town where she grew up … and where she fell in love with a boy named Noah. While there she revisits her past instead of hiding from it, as she’s been doing for the last eight years. In the process, she gets the inspiration she needs to finally start writing again — and not a minute too soon. Her deadline is less than three months away, and without a manuscript she puts an entire franchise, (soon to include a major motion picture based on her first book) in jeopardy.

On page 45, she’s in the airport tapping frantically at her iPad screen to get down the words that will turn into her third bestselling book. Meanwhile, Noah has absolutely no idea that he’s inspired a piece of literary and cinematic history … or that Amelia’s inability to forget him has launched a chain  of events that will change four people’s lives forever.

Want to know more? NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE launches June 11, 2015, through Gemma Halliday Publishing. The eBook and trade paperback will be available wherever online books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords and CreateSpace. I can’t wait to share Amelia’s story with you!

Enter Our ‘What’s on Page 45?’ Contest!

A one-pound package of caramels from Whitney’s Goodies. The winner can choose his or her flavor from the list below. Note that this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

1poundcaramelsforchicklitmayThe Girl Next Door (Crème Caramels): A scrumptious, full-bodied caramel. Old fashioned, melt-in-your-mouth bliss!
The Charmer (Chocolate Crème Caramels): This smooth, chocolate cream caramel will add panache to your day. An exquisite and elegant morsel, simply irresistible.
The Movie Star (Orange Crème Caramels): A timeless treat that will satisfy caramel fans of all ages. “The stuff that dreams are made of!”
The Bombshell (Lemon Crème Caramels): A bodacious bit of heaven with a bold citrus pallet. They will leave you satisfied and refreshed. Caramels are a girl’s best friend!
Always a Lady (Rose Caramels): A delicate bouquet of rose essence infuses this lovely caramel: alluring, tantalizing and reminiscent of another era. They are perfect for weddings and bridal showers. A definite for ladies who lunch or breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To enter, answer the following question in the comments section below:

“In 4 or 5 words, why do you think NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE would be a good read?”

Entrants must leave your full name, along with an email address. (Make sure you underline, bold or highlight this, as we must have a way to contact the winner!) A winner will be chosen via Random.org on Tuesday, May 19.

You can enter at each of 36 blogs that are participating in this hop, so make sure to visit the blogs below for more chances to win some caramel deliciousness!


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